Values Statement

The values outlined in this paper will sometimes refer specifically to the care that we provide for vulnerable people and how we interact with them. The values however, reflect a corporate way of thinking and being and therefore embrace core enterprise activities and relationships as well.
  • Excellence

    The Eric Liddell Centre does all that it can not only to meet the expectations of its stakeholders but to go beyond them in a quest to provide quality service in every aspect of its work.

    This is accomplished through a commitment to dependable, flexible and innovative involvement with the people of all ages that use its services or facilities as well as through openness to and collaboration with other agencies to ensure that people receive the best possible care and standards.

    The Centre will use appropriate monitoring and evaluation processes, both internal and external, in its’ commitment to maintaining and improving standards.

  • Friendly and caring service

    The Eric Liddell Centre is committed to providing a friendly and caring service for people who need additional support to remain in the community and continue to contribute to it. Such caring service is honourable and requires dedication.

    These qualities are not simply reflected in the friendly relationships that are created but also in the proficiency of the help that is given to individuals and groups alike.

    The Centre is keen to do all that it can to ensure that employees are fully prepared and trained for the vital and compassionate work in which they are engaged whether this work involves direct care provision or ensuring that facilities are properly prepared for other groups that provide services in the Centre.

  • Dignity and value

    The Eric Liddell Centre acknowledges the infinite value and potential of each unique human being.

    It aims to provide person centred services that address physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs in a manner that ensures that people know they are respected, important and cared for.

    It is committed to ensuring that people who use the Centre’s services are encouraged to maintain their self-esteem and improve their life, current skills and experience and their enjoyment of them, without the imposition of barriers to impede or limit them.

  • Informed personal choice

    The Eric Liddell Centre is committed to ensuring that people who use its services are empowered and enabled to make informed personal choices about their care plan, lifestyle, activities they enjoy doing and future opportunities.

    The Centre believes that access to education increases choice for people of all ages.

    People who use the Centre’s services are consulted directly about the courses they would like to participate in and what they hope to gain from them.

  • Independence (self - determination)

    Every effort is made to ensure that people who use the Centre’s services are enabled to retain and exercise personal independence and independent lifestyles for as long as possible.

    If a person is unable to enter fully into the planning of their care for reasons of mental frailty, every effort will be made to consider his/her wishes insofar as these are expressed and practical.

    Where necessary, consultation will be through their advocate, to ensure that their voice is heard in decisions regarding the service they are to be provided with. Freedom to make an informed choice will take account not only of risk assessment and risk management issues but also have respect for a person’s preference to take risks.

  • Accomplishment / satisfaction

    Programmes and services are designed to ensure that people who use the Centre’s services are enabled to maximise their potential for growth and personal development through activities and courses that are achievable, enjoyable and filled with fun.

    Programmes are designed to ensure that people are not faced with activities that are detrimental to their self-confidence and ability but that give them access to a sense of fulfilment from what they are doing.

    The Centre is committed to providing “bespoke” activities in response to information received in the care planning process and/or evaluation processes.

  • Honesty and integrity

    The Eric Liddell Centre is keen to promote a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to public services.

    The Centre values honesty and integrity and is committed to establishing relationships and conducting business from a position of high ethical standards.

    These standards apply to all our business affairs and describe the behaviour expected of all stakeholders and staff, and demonstrate how we promote trust, openness, teamwork, professionalism and pride in what we do.

  • Equality and diversity

    The Eric Liddell Centre is dedicated to providing open and inclusive services for people of all ages and a diverse range of groups as well as ensuring that its commitment to equality and diversity is evident in its policies, practices and legal obligations.

    It believes that its daily life and service to others will be more enjoyable, secure, satisfying and enriching as a result of this commitment.

    In addition to the enhancement of the Centre’s life and activities through diversity and the benefit this brings to those it serves, the Centre believes that it is also contributing to a fairer society.