Caring Soles

Caring Soles

Our Caring Soles Service delivers footcare to people in community settings across Edinburgh, who struggle to look after their own feet. We work with the support on NHS Lothian Podiatry, who train all of our staff and volunteers.

Caring Soles provides important footcare, improves mobility, boosts confidence and helps reduce social isolation and loneliness.

We have delivered over 1,200 appointments in the last year.


Feedback from Appointments

We have also found that the service has the positive impact of reducing the social isolation felt by some of our elderly service users.

One 70 year-old service user mentioned to the volunteer treating her that her mobility was poor due to her health and fitness having lapsed. This lady now attends a seated dance class following encouragement from the volunteer and information provided via the service.

Another service user had a conversation with one of our volunteers about having lost her husband in the last few years and not feeling much like going out on her own. She said that it was a big thing for her to come to the Eric Liddell Centre to have her feet treated and asked what else happens in the centre.

She now attends a seated Zuma class on Wednesday afternoons that take place inside the Centre and is making new friends – she has a reason to get out of the house.

Where can I get footcare?

The Caring Soles Services is paused due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

@ Eric Liddell Centre

15 Morningside Road, EH10 4DP

Book an appointment!

By phone: 0131 357 1268

By email:

To book in for a session, please call 0131 447 4520 and select ‘Option 4’ for Caring Soles

The first session costs £20, this include a personal clipper and sile set to keep, take home and us in future appointments.

All subsequent visits cost £15.

Want to Volunteer?

You can dip a toe into volunteering for this services by contacting Lisa Jennings at:, phoning the Centre at 0131 447 4520 or visiting the ‘Volunteering’ page.

Training is provided by our colleagues from NHS Lothian.

What our clients say

“I feel like I’m walking on air.”
“I enjoy coming here because the volunteers are lovely and competent.”
“Thank you for taking good care of my feet”