Coffee Chats Chain

Missing Cuppas with Family and Friends?

We urgently need your help to fund our work with vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis and beyond!

Please join our Coffee Chats Chain by organising an online coffee meeting with your friends/family who you are missing, then donate the cost of your coffee and ask your friends to set up their chain too. 

Thank you for choosing to support the vital work of the Eric Liddell Centre during the Covid crisis, by holding an online Coffee Chat and donating the price of your coffee. It is simple to do and so lovely to enjoy chats with those whom you have not seen for some time and friends living at a distance from you.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose your internet chat method – messenger, FaceTime, Zoom, What’sapp etc. If you do not have it Zoom is easy to download and use for up to 100 people for 40 minutes for free – simply follow the instructions set out on their web page.

Invite your friends – there are instructions how to do this on Zoom – and ask them to donate the price of their coffee by going to this website – and making the donation there.

Enjoy your chat!

We would be even more grateful if you would ask your friends if they would set up another such chat with other friends/family and then we will be able to establish our Coffee Chats Chain  – by everyone donating a couple of pounds for their coffee the proceeds will soon mount up and we will all be funding important work to support vulnerable people through the current crisis and beyond.

Thank you for your valuable support which is very much appreciated by everyone at Eric Liddell Centre and by those who will benefit from the work you fund.