Eric Liddell Centre Celebrates Five Years of Laughter

Eric Liddell Centre Celebrates Five Years of Laughter

Edinburgh Laughter Club, Scotland’s longest running community laughter club has celebrated five years of occupancy at the Eric Liddell Centre.

In the half decade that Laughter for Health has ran sessions at Centre, based in South Edinburgh, they have raised a total of £8,305 for the care charity and community hub.

The group, which featured on BBC Two’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ in 2017, were the first group of its kind to receive NHS funding. Group leader, Jo Bluett has been running the “Carers’ Laughter Club Project” (recently funded into its fifth continual year into 2018/19) to evaluate the impact of attending a regular laughter club, has shown that laughter brings significant improvements to carers’ health and wellbeing.

Jo Bluett, Laughter Consultant and Laughter Ambassador from Laughter for Health said:

“Therapeutic Laughter boosts our physical and mental health as well as our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The Thursday morning laughter club here at the Eric Liddell Centre is a constant source of joy to many people in the local community and people come along for a whole variety of reasons – to reduce with stress, to manage depression and anxiety, to manage pain, to combat isolation and loneliness, to cope with the challenges of being a carer, to reconnect with their joy.

“I am delighted to have celebrated our fifth birthday and deeply value the continuing partnership between Edinburgh Laughter Club and the Eric Liddell Centre to benefit our local community – spreading more fun, laughter and joy going into the future. The ethos of Edinburgh Laughter Club is very much that we do good and we feel good.”

John MacMillan, CEO of the Eric Liddell Centre said:

“Jo’s class has been a highly valuable addition to the host of group activities we host here at the Centre. We are proud to have celebrated five years together and look forward to having these classes as part of the community for the foreseeable future.”