Eric Liddell Centre Registers Major Increase in Demand

Eric Liddell Centre Registers Major Increase in Demand

Over the last year we’ve seen a substantial increase in activity at the Eric Liddell Centre.

The Centre provided 5106 hours of community activity – a 24 per cent increase from the previous year – where 4110 hours were recorded.

One hundred and thirty seven groups used the Centre during the year for a wide variety of activities including sports and exercise, art, education and training, health promotion and children’s groups.

The Centre’s Lunch Breaks Group meets each Friday and is attended by an average of 16 cared for/carer pairs.  Last year, this programme provided 1920 person-hours of social and emotional support for people with dementia and carers.  A total of 768 hot meals were provided.

A General Befriending service at ELC matches volunteers with carers based on similar interests. These unpaid carers could be looking after a loved one with any limiting condition and in the year ending March 31, 2017 a total of 191 meetings took place between 25 supported matches. Each meeting lasted between 1-4 hours with an average duration of 2.5 hours.  Using that as a baseline, 477 hours of respite break were offered to carers during this calendar year.

ELC’s Helping Hands volunteering programme had 70 active volunteers during the year; undertaking various activities to support the Centre and our Services.

Thank you to everybody who has used the Centre over the last 12 months. We hope that you continue to use our services and hire rooms out for activities in the future!