Eric Liddell’s daughter launches her book “God and Me”

Eric Liddell’s daughter launches her book “God and Me”

The daughter of Scottish Olympic gold medallist, Eric Liddell, has written a book about the man she never met.

Maureen Liddell Moore is one of three children and was three years old when her father died in 1945 whilst he was being kept captive in the Japanese World War II Weihsien Internment Camp in China.


Eric was a missionary for almost twenty years before he was held prisoner in the camp and was known as a hero in both sports and Christianity through his time teaching at The Anglo Chinese College and especially for his work with his fellow prisoners. 


Following his death, various memorials were set up in the athlete’s name, including The Eric Liddell Centre, a registered care charity and major community hub, in Edinburgh. 


As Maureen never got the closure needed from never meeting her father, she decided to turn to faith and God in what she calls her “search for her father’s love”. “God and Me” is a book of prose, poetry and art which Maureen used to become closer to her father since his passing whilst strengthening her links with Christianity. 


Maureen said:

“I knew early on that if I wanted to understand my father I would also have to get to know the God my father loved so well.


“This search led me on an unorthodox and surprising journey that turned my world upside down. I first fell in love with God when I discovered he has a huge sense of humour and I found myself totally surprised, in awe and laughing with relief.


“I wrote the book, hoping to touch hearts, expand minds and make people think about their concept of God, however they may perceive Him to be. My father wanted everyone to know God. This is my wee contribution to furthering his goals.”


In addition to Maureen keeping her father’s name alive, The Eric Liddell Centre keeps the positive work of Eric going strong by providing a wide range of services for Edinburgh’s communities. 


John MacMillan, CEO of The Eric Liddell Centre, said:


“We are delighted to hear about Maureen’s new book about her father. We have close ties with Eric’s family, including Maureen, her two sisters, and also his niece, Sue Liddell Caton, who is one of our patrons. 


“It’s extremely sad that Maureen never got to meet her father so it’s humbling to hear she has used faith and God to find closure on what is a difficult experience. 


“Eric was a hero so it’s especially important we keep his memory alive by continuing our own work to bring communities together and all work together to tell the world about him and help empower and support people of all ages.”


God and Me is now available to buy on Amazon:,

also on et al, or google Maureen Liddell Moore.