The Eric Liddell Centre is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board and adheres to the highest standards of  fundraising practice.

In the unlikely event that you have any concerns about our fundraising activities this document explains how to complain and how we will respond.

  • How do I complain?

    The Eric Liddell Centre carries out a variety of fundraising activities. Some of these are organised by our own staff and some by volunteers. If you have a complaint about any of our fundraising activities, then you should direct your complaint in writing to:

    The Chief Executive
    The Eric Liddell Centre
    15 Morningside Road
    EH10 4DP

    When you contact us with a complaint, please remember to tell us what has happened, when it happened, and where it happened. If your complaint involves any of our printed material, then we would be grateful if you would send this to us, to enable us to better understand and investigate your complaint. Please note that we are only able to investigate a complaint if it is received by us within one month of the date of the incident to which the complaint refers.

  • What happens when I complain?

    • Your complaint will be acknowledged within 14 days of us receiving it.
    • Our Chief Executive will pass your complaint to the most appropriate person for investigation – the identity of this person will depend on the particular fundraising activity that you have complained about, and who has responsibility for organising it.
    • Your complaint will be investigated, and the outcome of our investigation will be sent to you in writing within 30 days of your complaint being received by us.
    •  If we are unable to complete our investigation within 30 days (e.g. for reasons of absence of a key staff member), we will contact you to outline the situation and will also inform the Fundraising Standards Board
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome of your investigation?

    If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation, you have the opportunity to refer your complaint to the Fundraising Standards Board, provided that you do this within two months of receiving our response.

    We will provide you with the necessary details when we contact you with the outcome of our investigation.