March 12, 2017

Dr. Kenneth McAll

Dr McAll knew Eric Liddell from school and university and later worked with him in Siaochang hospital during the war.
March 12, 2017

Sir Arthur Marshall

A fellow athlete who met Eric Liddell in 1924, and became a friend, talks about Eric Liddell’s athletics career and his Olympic gold medal winning race.
March 12, 2017

B.J.S. in “The Student”

An appreciation of Eric Liddell published in “The Student” on the news of his death.
March 12, 2017

Dr. William Toop

Dr. Toop lived in Tientsin where he met Eric Liddell in 1925. He tells of his relationship with Eric Liddell from then into the 1930s.
March 12, 2017

Dr. David J Michell

Dr. Michell tells of his experiences of Eric Liddell in the Weihsien Camp.
March 12, 2017

Dr. George Graham-Cumming

A fellow student recounts his memories of Eric Liddell at Edinburgh University
March 12, 2017

Rev. Dr. Norman Cliff

A transcript of a talk on his experiences of Weihsien Camp. He describes Eric Liddell’s life and death in the camp.
March 12, 2017

A.W.M. in “The Student”

In an article from “The Student” (the Edinburgh University Students Association magazine) A.W.M. writes about the beginnings of Eric Liddell’s athletics and rugby careers.
March 8, 2017

Fundraising Appeal

We’d like to formally introduce ourselves to those of you who may have recently visited the Eric Liddell Centre, or indeed to those who may not be familiar with us. We are a community hub where you may occasionally stop in for a coffee or take the kids along to […]