The Eric Liddell Centre cares for you as we would do for one of our own

We encourage families to live life to the max, regardless of circumstances and challenges

Our Aims

  • To increase opportunities or our communities to become involved in social, wellbeing and meaningful activities
  • To promote and improve health &  wellbeing within our communities
  • To improve social connections, reduce social isolation & loneliness in our communities
  • To increase opportunities for lifelong learning
  • To engage and communicate with individuals, stakeholders and communities about our services, opportunities and events
  • To sustain an create successful, stable partnership, which will complement our services, benefit our communities and organisational scope
  • To develop a strategy for ongoing financial sustainability

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Day Care

Our qualified Day Care staff and highly trained volunteers look after many people who are living with dementia.

This service not only helps reduce the isolation and stigma of the individual, but also provides an essential break for their carers.

This chance of vital respite helps promote independent living and has the ability to sustain families in their community for longer.Read More »


Our Befriending Service pairs careers with trained volunteers who meet with them on a regular basis, to provide companionship and a well needed break from their responsibilities.

They are matched on interests and circumstances, so they have a good basis to build a positive relationship.

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