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Eric Liddell Centre Community Support Services

The Eric Liddell Centre has developed a range of services to meet the needs identified in the local and wider Edinburgh community, as a result of research and consultation with partner organisations as well as individuals in the local population.

Carer Programme

The Carer Programme addresses the important issue of maintaining carers’ own health and general well-being, and enables them to fulfil their caring role adequately with free, city-wide educational, recreational and therapeutic courses.

In addition to supporting the person living with dementia, we also run services to support the people who look after them every day.  The role of a carer can be isolating and stressful. A Carers UK survey found that 8 in 10 carers feel lonely and anxious.  Finding ways to cope with the demands of the role and getting the occasional break help to extend the time that carers can keep their loved ones at home.

A carer is anyone who, unpaid, looks after a friend or family member who can’t cope alone due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction. 

Many people don’t recognise themselves as carers, but anyone can become a carer.


We offer free access to weekly drop-in classes throughout the year. The classes run in 8 week blocks. The classes available are Yoga which runs on Mondays from 10.30am – 12.30pm and Relaxation/Qigong which runs on Tuesdays from 10.30am – 12.30pm. All the classes are suitable for beginners, and as well as those with more experience. They are designed to be welcoming, supportive spaces, with a break in the middle for tea and coffee, and the chance to meet other carers and access information, news and our mobile library of books.

Lunchtime concerts: 1st Monday of every month at 12.30pm.  Tickets £6 which includes a soup and sandwich lunch


Our mobile library of books on topics which may be helpful to carers, is also available to browse and borrow from. Again, please just call Bryony to access it.

Self Directed Support (SDS)

SDS –  a relatively new way of providing social care services designed to give the recipient choice and control over the way services are delivered. If you would like to know more, or are in the process of applying or managing SDS we can offer one-to-one support. Just call Bryony Grisewood on 0131 357 1278 or email

Talks and Trips

Our series of informative talks offer the chance to find out more about issues which may be of interest and relevance to you as a carer. Come and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits and the chance to chat afterwards too.

Every month we also organise a day trip, which is an opportunity for carers and their cared-for person to have relaxing day out visiting local venues and place of interest. Transport and entry fees are provided.

Is there a topic you would like to see covered? Please let Bryony know. Live music/ creative activities / library / 1-2-1 help with information also available.

Call Bryony Grisewood on 0131 357 1278 or email to book a place in the classes or with enquiries about the library, SDS, the trips and talks or with any other questions. We look forward to meeting you.

Skill sharing

Do you have any hobbies, skills or professional knowledge you would like to share with other carers in workshop sessions?  Perhaps nutritional advice, singing/music, or creative writing? Some of you have suggested this as an idea, so if you would like to discuss running (with support) any workshops,  please call or email Bryony on 0131 357 1278 (Mondays – Thursdays) or email to discuss.


Caring Soles – Personal Foot Care Service

Caring Soles Footcare is a low cost volunteer-led service that specialises in toenail cutting and general healthy footcare maintenance.  Keeping toenails trimmed regularly is important for good health and wellbeing, especially amongst older people.  Good footcare supports better ease for being physically active and comfortable on your feet.  If you struggle with your personal foot care, this service is for you.

Caring Soles Footcare is managed here at the Eric Liddell Centre who staff and support volunteers across four community based sites.

  • Wester Hailes Library, 1 Westside Plaza, EH14 2ST
  • Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road, EH10 4DP
  • The Ripple Project Hub, 198 Restalrig Road South, EH7 6DZ

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with Caring Soles, you can read about one of our service volunteer’s experiences here.

For each footcare appointment there is a charge: £20 for each first appointment and £15 every time thereafter (effective from 1 June 2019).  We consistently receive good feedback from both volunteers and service users, and celebrated the first year of the service (in March 2018).

Caring Soles Footcare meets the need of people who require basic personal foot care and is not part of a podiatry service.  For specific podiatry needs anyone can self-refer themselves to NHS Lothian Podiatry or seek private chiropody, and we can help advise on this where needed.

Register for an appointment over the phone on 0131 447 4520 at the Eric Liddell Centre (and select ‘Option 4’ for Caring Soles Footcare).


What is personal footcare?

“Personal footcare is important for everyone, but particularly for older people as good foot health can reduce pain or discomfort, improve confidence, quality of life and independence. Healthy feet can also help people to remain physically active, allowing them to get out and about in their local community and increase their energy levels and general zest for life. Importantly, neglecting personal footcare can contribute to falls, which might otherwise be avoided.”

Source: Scottish Executive White Paper 2013 on Personal Footcare

Can we treat people with diabetes?

“Yes, but Caring Soles Footcare can only provide toenail cutting & filing services for diabetic people whose diabetic foot risk level is Low or Moderate (but not to people of High risk level).  If you are diabetic you may not know which foot risk you are and you can find this out from your GP.  Your diabetic foot risk level is independent of your diabetes, so regardless of being Type 1 or Type 2 your foot risk level is not directly related to your diabetic type.”

How long is an appointment?

“First appointment – One hour.  Repeat appointment – 30 minutes”

How often do I need an appointment?

“On average every 8 to 12 weeks and this does differ depending on each person’s pair of feet”

Interested in becoming a Caring Soles Footcare Volunteer?

Pop into us at the centre, email Lisa Jennings, Caring Soles Footcare coordinator directly or call 0131 447 4520

You would be a great Foot Care Volunteer if any of these interest you:

  • Helping to deliver a vital service to people in a community setting
  • Gaining knowledge and application in good personal footcare
  • Providing support to many to be active on their feet and safe
  • Reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing
  • Building your confidence in health and care skills

An information leaflet on the service can be downloaded here.

 Caring Soles Footcare would like to thank the following: The Weir Trust, NHS Lothian Podiatry, Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership, The Ripple and Health All Round 

South West Villages Project

The South West Villages Project is working in Balerno, Currie and Juniper Green to address social isolation and loneliness amongst older people. The project is underpinned by growing evidence on the impact that keeping connected has on your physical and mental wellbeing, whatever your age.

The ‘three villages’ are rich in community activities and support for older residents but face particular challenges due to their location and ageing population. The project is being led by the Eric Liddell Centre with funding from the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership. The Eric Liddell Centre provides services and resources for community groups including older people, people with dementia and carers across Edinburgh.

The first phase of the South West Villages Project took place in 2017 and involved the mapping of existing services and activities and consultation with local people to identify priorities and improvements for the future. Phase 2 was completed in 2018 and involved the promotion of existing activities and support available in the area, and the development of connections between organisations, groups and health and social care services.

Phase 3 will run from January to September 2019 and will focus on sourcing funding to develop services or support where gaps have been identified.

Caroline Clark, Development Officer for the South West Villages, is keen to hear from anyone who is interested in the project, has ideas for how to connect with isolated individuals, or suggestions for the future. Please contact Caroline on 0131 357 1277

Focus on volunteering

Many ‘city wide’ services that provide companionship and befriending are currently unable to support people in the villages as they struggle to recruit local volunteers and existing volunteers are reluctant to travel far. . Could you spare a little time to make a difference?

Volunteers’ Week 2019

To mark Volunteers’ Week 2019, a Celebration Event to recognise the work of volunteers in Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green will take place on Thursday 6th June at Gibson Craig Halls, Currie. An information poster can be downloaded here.


Phase 1 final report – September 2017

Phase 2 final report – December 2018

Phase 3 final report – January 2020


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