Winter Appeal

This winter support your local dementia care charity and community hub

Dear Friend 

Eric Liddell Centre is a local care charity and community hub founded in 1980 in memory of the Olympic gold medallist, Eric Liddell. We work hard to change perceptions of people living with dementia, disabilities and mental health issues. We aim to show that living a full life can be achieved with the correct support.

Our Centre is one of the few professional day care providers in Edinburgh supporting elderly vulnerable people.  We provide a range of services including our specialist Dementia Day Care Service, Carers Programme, Befriending Service, Dementia Support Programme, Music Therapy and Caring Soles (foot care) Service.

Our vision is to Bring Edinburgh’s Communities Together, to respond to isolation, loneliness and society’s disconnection.

Support your local care charity this winter

Like many charities and community organisations, the Eric Liddell Centre has had a difficult and challenging 18 months. The constantly changing nature of the pandemic has meant that our centre was closed for 15 months, severely impacting our trading income and fundraising opportunities. And although the Centre reopened in July, we are still experiencing a loss in income due to reduced footfall to the Centre, with many people still hesitant to return to their ‘normal’ work patterns and routines. We estimate, as long as we receive financial assistance, recovery will take 3-5 years.

The Impact of Covid19 on elderly vulnerable people

Many of the people Eric Liddell Centre supports are in the vulnerable or extremely vulnerable groups because of advanced age and complex health needs. Due to the nature of dementia, clients thrive on familiarity, routine and meaningful social interaction, something the pandemic affected greatly. It has therefore been especially hard for people living with dementia, with reports of increased levels of confusion, fear and anxiety, with some elderly people becoming virtual prisoners in their own homes, lonely and isolated.  And although things are improving, we are still finding that a significant proportion of elderly people remain very cautious.

People living with dementia need your support

Throughout the pandemic my Day Care team have shown great innovation and resilience by reaching out to provide contact and comfort to our elderly service users via a range of outreach and digital methods, including; phone calls and newsletters; food programmes for the vulnerable, shopping, prescription and laundry collection and an interesting range of online health and wellbeing activities. I’m immensely proud to report that since reopening we have adopted the same courage, fresh thinking and innovation, and in response to the needs of our service users we have now adopted a hybrid approach to our work, via centre, online and home based services and activities, ensuring we continue to meet the needs of the vulnerable people we support.

The difference you help us make

In the UK, dementia is the only condition in the top 10 causes of death without a treatment to prevent, cure or slow its progression. This is a frightening statistic.  According to Alzheimer’s Society, the pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll on people living with dementia and it’s estimated  that at least a quarter of people who died from COIVD-19 in 2020 also had a dementia diagnosis. Currently there are around 90,000 people were living with Dementia in Scotland, roughly 8,495 live in the City of Edinburgh. Due to an aging population this is likely to double in the next 25 years.

People living with dementia need your support:

£7 – could provide a tasty home cooked lunch for one of our Day Service Clients

£20 – helps cover the costs of specialist dementia activities and events

£50 – helps cover the costs for carer or befriending day outings and special events

£100 – helps to pay for the specialist training we provide to our volunteer’s

This winter please support Eric Liddell Centre – your local care charity and community hub.

Yours sincerely

John Macmillan


Eric Liddell Centre


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