About Us

The Eric Liddell Centre supports some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland’s capital.

The Eric Liddell Centre (Scottish Charity Number SC003147) is a local care charity and community hub founded in 1980 in memory of the 1924 Olympic 400m gold medallist, Eric Liddell.

Our mission is to be at the heart of the community; enhancing health and well-being and improving peoples’ lives.

We are working hard to change perceptions of living with dementia, disabilities and mental health issues – we aim to show living a full life can be achieved with the correct support.

Find out Who We Are and What We Do.

Mission statement

The Eric Liddell Centre in Edinburgh is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and supporting people of all ages, cultures and abilities, as an expression of compassionate social values.

Our values statement explains this in more detail.

Our constitution

The Eric Liddell Centre is a registered charity formed as a limited company. As such we have Articles of Association, which are available as a PDF document.

Report & Financial Statements

Our latest annual report and financial statements are available here.

Further Information about the Eric Liddell Centre

Please look at our general information leaflet.